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  • Get documents into ECM

    Having trouble getting your documents into your ECM system? Docs4ECM products can help you scan, classify, and publish documents in a variety of ECM systems.

    With Docs4ECM you can easily get your documents from any application, scanner or file system, and process documents.

    Supports Microsoft Office365, Sharepoint, EMC Documentum, Alfresco, Nuxeo and many others that support CMIS interface. Learn more...

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  • Get documents into ECM

    Docs4ECM Scanner helps you scan documents, split or merge them, classify them by entering custom meta-data, and publish them in your ECM all in one process.

    Docs4ECm supports TWAIN compatible scanners. Easily configure scan profiles with duplex scanning, auto deskew, color corrections, automatic classification, and other features. Learn more...

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  • Get documents into ECM

    Docs4ECM Printer is a virtual printer which enables you to classify documents from any application in your ECM without custom development using simple Print interface.

    You can print documents to PDF and then classify documents in Docs4ECM application to enter custom meta-data and publish documents to your ECM application. Learn more...

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  • Get documents into ECM

    Docs4ECM Publisher is a Windows plugin that leverages classification and publishing of documents by integrating into Windows Explorer "Right-click Send To..." context menu.

    You can also drag&drop e-mails from Outlook or Lotus Notes with e-mail attachments extraction. Configure watch folders for automatic document importing into classification process. Learn more...

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Virtual printer

  • Virtual printer for easy document publishing
  • Classify documents from any application
  • Print documents to TIFF or PDF
  • No custom application development
  • Easy and familiar user interface
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  • Supports TWAIN compatible scanners
  • Classify scanned documents in your ECM
  • Configure different scan profiles
  • Duplex scanning, auto deskew, color corrections
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  • Windows Explorer context menu plugin
  • Integrates with Outlook and Lotus notes
  • Watch folders for automatic document importing
  • Take application screenshots
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